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Why the Motivated and Confident Rub Weak People the Wrong Way

This post is not for the thin skin!

I am a different breed of person. I like to kick ass and take names in everything that I do. If I learn something new, I want to master it. If I am playing a game, I play to win! I am as competitive as they get! I am not writing this to talk about how motivated I am or that I am a tough guy, I am just explaining who I am and what I see. My passion, beliefs, and motivation in life have a tendency of intimidating or rubbing other people the wrong way. What bothers people the most is I do not care. I don’t care if you do not like to be motivated or if you do not like high achieving people, I am who I am and the people that know me either love that about me or hate it about me. I am perfectly fine with either response and I am sure there are some people reading this who may feel the same way while others reading this are perfectly content living their lives the same day in and day out. Understand that both of these mentalities are perfectly fine in life. I just don’t care for the latter. Some people are more motivated and constantly want to learn, educate, and dominate; while others just want to work and fill their time with TV, friends, or a good time. Again, both of these mentalities are perfectly fine for people to live this way.

The problem lies when certain people, or what I call “weak people,” feel that others should think and act the way that they do. People, players, coaches, parents who hate it when others are motivated to be successful are a problem. Thinking that someone’s passion for success or discipline is automatically disrespect for those who do not think that way is absolutely ridiculous. I run into people like this daily when it comes to Laird’s Training potential clients; as well as hanging around friends and family. Think about it, how often are people actually rubbed the wrong way from what you say? People get rubbed the wrong way from how you carry yourself, how you act, and the “way” you talk. People either love the passion and ferocity in which those motivated people talk and interact; or they despise it. Those people have a love/hate relationship when it comes to passion. And I have noticed that motivated people who have a passion for what they do in life will attract the same kind of people while pissing others off for just being who they are.

The point in this short blog is for people to understand that there are cancers that could be affecting you daily. There are people that do not support your drive for success, passion, motivation, and goal setting just because your passion and motivation might intimidate or piss them off. This is because it bothers their self-confidence and ego when they look in the mirror. They are too busy being self-involved in their own ideals or lack of confidence that they choose to be offended at anything or everything that displays grit or toughness. I am writing to tell you to ignore these people, do not allow their average mentality and average eyes affect your “kick ass” mentality! If they do not get it, who cares! The people who matter and back you for the person you are will be there to help you in life. Ignore the haters, the sensitive and whiny people that get offended at everything you do or say! After all, you ARE the sum of those you surround yourself with.

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