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Laird's Training has helped produce dozens of athletes at the Collegiate and Professional levels. If interested in our success stories on the field or in real life, please follow our Social Media platforms on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Click on Icons above). We treat our clients as family and LOVE seeing the success on the field and in the real world. #LTSquad #4Life


I've gone to Laird since I was 11 years old and he along with my parents is the reason I am the player I am today. He's not only taught me proper mechanics but also what it takes at the next level. Laird has taken me from average to allowing me to reach my full potential. Highly recommended!

-Jack Perkins, Kokomo High School Baseball, Indiana Bulls, University of Louisville Baseball

In order to be competitive in sports; Athletes need to be bigger, faster and stronger! I truly didn’t understand this concept until I began training with Sean. I always thought I could do it on my own, but I didn’t seem to advance to the next level like I wanted. I had finally went through my growth spurt, but still wasn’t where I needed to be. I was just not strong enough in my pitching or hitting. I began working out with Sean a couple of years ago. Sean began to work on me physically to make me stronger, but he didn’t stop there. He also worked on me mentally. His training both physically and mentally has taken me to a whole new level. When I began this journey, I weighed in at 176lbs. I had injuries with my arm due to being weak, and couldn’t break into the line up for batting. His program has brought me up to 207lbs. My arm is definitely stronger in pitching and I have broke into the line up for hitting. My pitching prior to starting this program ranged from 83-86, and now my velocity is ranging from 86-90 and improving! Besides gaining velocity, I found with strength came better control of my pitches. As for my hitting, this year I batted .419 for my summer team! Sean’s training has helped me land a scholarship to a Division 1 School (BSU) to continue my dream of achieving an education and playing baseball. Finding a coach that has a passion to bring out the best in a player is hard to find. Sean has the skills to bring out the best in an Athlete both physically and mentally! You could not ask for a better coach or mentor!

-TJ Harmon, Ball State University Pitcher and Former Indiana Bull & McCutcheon High School Baseball Standout


My son, Brayden, has been working with Sean Laird for about 2 1/2 years on hitting with dramatic improvement in his hand speed, contact % and power. He has been working with Sean on strength and conditioning since early August. Brayden has made marked improvement in his single-rep, 3-rep and 5-rep maxes in Olympic and power lifts designed for baseball players. The added explosiveness he has gained has helped Brayden improve his overall athleticism and has also helped improve key baseball stats like his throwing velocity, exit velocity and 60-yd dash time. Sean has also been a great source of encouragement and has been an awesome mentor for my son. Sean has played a big role in my son's advancements. Looking forward to seeing how much more he and my son can achieve on Brayden's baseball journey.

-Brian Clark on Brayden Clark of Trine University

If you want to become a high level athlete I couldn't refer you to anyone better. Sean Laird has really taught me how to lift correctly, how to push myself, and helped me to excel on the baseball field! With Sean as my trainer I have made flexibility gains, muscle mass gains, and lifting gains that exceeded my expectations. Lairds Sports Performance has really showed me what it takes to be a high level athlete.

-Tyler Burthay, Catcher @ Western High School and Indiana Bulls, Indiana University Kokomo

Luke has been going to Sean Laird Baseball and Sports Performance for the past year. The workouts are more focused and frequent since the baseball fall season is over.

Workouts 3 days per week since the end of the fall season has resulted in Luke gaining 15 lbs of weight, increased max weight each week, learned the correct technique for base running, and increased his speed in the 60. There isn't another trainer I could trust more than Sean with the knowledge and experience he shares with Luke.

-Jeff Florek on Luke Florek of Purdue University

My husband and I brought TJ to Sean 3 years ago to help with strength and conditioning. This also lead into batting. I will say that TJ had taken lessons over the years from different hitting coaches and has done ok. I have always been skeptical because I like to see results and feel like the cost of lessons should show results. Needless to say, the results were minimal before coming to Sean. Sean has invested a great deal of effort and time into TJ and the results have been dramatic! His hitting has improved dramatically and his strength has improve greatly. As a coach, he has worked on him physically and mentally to make him a strong and determined young man. We have been extremely happy with the results and the data doesn't lie. We are a firm believer in Sean's program. If you want to get to the next level, Sean can take you there but you have to be willing to work hard and follow his instructions, He has a way of communicating to the boys and bringing the best out of them. You can't go wrong with Sean's leadership on and off the field.

-Betty Harmon on TJ Harmon of Ball State University and McCutcheon HS

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