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This is one of our Foundational Bat Speed and Power Training Programs at Laird's Training LLC. In this program, you do not even have to swing a bat to increase your bat speed, exit velocity, and power! We focus on strength and power exercises that will be a gamechanger in your development as a baseball or softball player! These easy to follow, but demanding exercises will be great for your son, daughter, or baseball and softball team! All you need is a sledgehammer, a gripper, a tire, and this program! Our packet and easy to follow videos will guide you in this program so you know exactly what to do!

This is the foundation of a program Coach Laird created in 2010 that helped him dramatically increase power, bat speed, and bat control at the plate while playing Baseball at the University of South Alabama. We have trained 100s of athletes with this program and this helped produce tons of college athletes. This is also a great program for pitchers looking to increase core power, quick twitch for velocity development, as well as finger grip strength for controlling the baseball and tighter off-speed pitches. This Program will increase your strength in your hands, forearms, core, and help you get the “Popeye” Forearm look everyone wants! And the greatest thing about this program is it can be done anywhere: at practice, lessons, or at home!

Once you've purchased, your PDF of the program will be emailed to you shortly! There may be a slight delay in receiving the initial email. Videos will be streamed via Gumroad.

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