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How to Build a Ballplayer eBook

Bestseller in the Sports section on Amazon in the Fall of 2016! From hitting, pitching, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, college recruiting, and mental toughness; NO ONE has ever written a book this detailed on how to become an Elite Baseball Player. You will have access to 67 videos of hitting drills, pitching drills, exercises, weightlifting technique, pregame routines, baserunning, and MORE! This is the ONLY Guide you will ever need to build a Division I Ballplayer!

Quote from former Professional Baseball Player and MLB Coach of 2006 World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals, and Current Recruiting Coordinator at Indiana University Dan Held...

"I have been at every level of professional baseball and I can tell you that there aren't many people that I would put my stamp of approval on as much as Sean when it comes to the combination of baseball knowledge, sports specific training and motivation of young players.  He is very dedicated to his craft and takes it extremely serious.  If you are interested about getting your child to the next level no matter what the sport is, I would highly recommend Sean!  It doesn't get any better."

This book is meant for players, parents, and coaches who aspire to learn more about the game in between the lines and the preparation outside the lines!  Learn how to become an elite hitter and maximize your hitting mechanics and bat speed. Become an unstoppable pitcher and how to increase your throwing velocity.  Learn the proper way to train in the weight room for baseball players that maximizes your athletic ability, keeping you healthy, and how to transfer it to the field!  Become a master of the 60 Yd Dash and lightning fast on the base paths!  Understand the college recruiting process and what most coaches do not tell you! Learn my story and how you too can become mentally tough in the game of baseball and in life, no matter what is thrown at you!

If even one of these topics interests you, click the link below and click “Buy Now” on Amazon!


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