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The following is a list of all the programs we have to offer. We only train athletes here at Laird's Training. See what is right for you! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at on the Contact Us Tab! 




*All Clients MUST HAVE a Waiver on File! This electronic form is located under the "SIGN UP HERE" tab and must be filled out and submitted before Scheduling the 1st session.


*Payments - All payments are due in full at the beginning of each session! Baseball Lessons and Strength Training Memberships are separate services! No discounts are offered! Missed sessions or payments do not roll over into following week or month! Payments are expected to be on time, every time! Cash or Check only! No credit cards accepted at this time. Checks made out to: Laird’s Training LLC. 


We only train DEDICATED AND SERIOUS ATHLETES here at Laird's Training! Performed in groups with other competitive athletes. Sessions are 1 hour in length. Strength Training payments are paid at the beginning of each month in advance. Ex) Monthly Membership:$300 Due on Day 1 of lifting at beginning of each month, and next payment is due the 1st of next month! No refunds or pro-rated payments for missed workouts, it is a membership! Athletes will have set schedule on scheduled lifting days and are responsible to adhere to agreed schedule. For weight room safety and environment purposes; parents are not allowed in weight room with athletes. NO EXCEPTIONS! We want our athletes to be free of distractions and focus on the task at hand! All new strength training clients must go through an Assessment before beginning membership! STRENGTH TRAINING IS FOR ALL SPORTS & ALL ATHLETES! Training hours listed on the Homepage! CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO TO THE LEFT TO SEE WHAT WE ARE ABOUT!

Long Distance Clients: If you live 3 hours or less away, and want to train like us. You can Sign Up for 1x/Membership and Train the other 2 days on your own! IF you live in excess of 3 hours away, you should invest in my How To Build a Ballplayer eBook that has a detailed training program that has built many strong and powerful athletes for only $9.99. All I ask is to leave a review on Amazon here:


Monthly Membership 2-3x/Week - $300/Month (8-15 Sessions/Month)*Priced at 8 Lifts/Month

In-Season Membership 1x/Week - $225/Month (4 Sessions/Month)*Priced at 4 Lifts/Month

$60/Single Session – (Price if Paid Per Session, Totals Up To $900/Month)

$100/1 Hour Assessment - (Mandatory for New Clients)



An Assessment is Mandatory for all new clients starting a Strength Training Membership! Assessments are ran every week with All New Clients and Groups at a Specified Time designated in Email! The 1st 20 Minutes is a Q & A over the Assessment and Welcome Packet, followed by the last 40 minutes being the Orientation for New Lifters! During the actual workouts and assessment, parents are not allowed to be in the weight roomThe Assessment Packet includes Goal Planning, Technique Orientation, Mobility Assessment, and a Welcome Packet that includes our Nutrition, Supplement, Muscle/Weight Gain Guidelines, and Rules and Guidelines for Laird's Training.

$100/ 1 Hour Assessment



Sessions are ran at Bullpen Baseball Academy: 2020 County Rd S 600 W, Russiaville, IN 46979. Instructor List is under the Services Tab! Available Lesson hours listed on the Homepage!

Owner: Coach Laird: Works w/Ages 12 and Up (Advanced 10-11 Year Olds), College, Professional.

Associate Hitting and Pitching Instructors: Work Primarily with Youth Ages 5-11 Yrs Old/MS/HS


Baseball Sessions are currently paid on a week by week basis! All Payments are due at the beginning of each session! There is a 24 hour cancellation policy of $25 that is strictly enforced for all sessions not cancelled within the 24 hour window. Missed sessions will not be refunded, nor will they carry over into the next business week. No Call/No Shows will be charged the full lesson price of $60. Price reflects per player! *All Sessions are 1 hour in length; Max of 3 Player Per Hitting or Pitching Lesson to protect our semi-private training environment that encourages competition and physical and mental growth! Signing up is a commitment of a minimum of 3 months, most athletes are 8 months out of the year or year round. Parents are expected to be professional during baseball sessions and not coach their athletes during the lesson time allotted. All must be respectful of the next hour of sessions coming in and of their allotted time! CHECK OUT OUR HITTING LESSON HIGHLIGHTS TO THE LEFT TO GET SOME BEHIND THE SCENES ACTION AT LT!


$60 Per Lesson Per Player: (1 Lesson Weekly, Flat Rate)

$200/Hr: Team Training



This Program is built to IMPROVE arm strength, arm care, velocity, athleticism, and improve body mechanics! The focus is to to build and strengthen the arm for Pitchers & Position Players! This Training Program Includes: bands, long toss, run & guns, plyometrics, med ball power training, strength training, mobility, and most importantly arm recovery and arm health protocols! By focusing on the health of the arm, long toss, and strength, power, and stability of the athlete, athletes have shown to increase VELOCITY in this program!  *Only for Dedicated & Disciplined Ballplayers!

This Program is ran up to 3x a Year: EMAIL IF INTERESTED @

-Winter Arm Care & Velo Program (Jan-March): To Prep, Prepare, & Strengthen for Season

-Summer Arm Care & Velo Program (Jun/July): Keep Arm Strong/Healthy During Summer Ball

-Fall Arm Care & Velo Program (September/October) Develop before Shutting Down Arm

Below shows our Top 3 All Time Increases in this Program! They Were 10 MPH, 9 MPH, and 8 MPH in 8 Weeks from Week 2 to Week 10 Testing in our Winter Program! Click to see Videos : 10 MPH Increase 9 MPH Increase 8 MPH Increase *Group Avg Increase in Velo in all of these Programs has been anywhere from 2 MPH to 4.3 MPH! Check out our Highlight Videos: 2019 Velo Program



We offer Speed Camps to make you a more explosive, mobile, and powerful athlete! These camps are held in 6-12 week intervals throughout the year.  We notify of these camps via email to subscribers and social media.  Camps are held during these seasons: EMAIL IF INTERESTED @


-Summer (June/July): Speed and Power Camp: 6+ Weeks

-Fall/Winter (November/December): Speed, Power, and Strength Camp: 6+ Weeks

-Spring (March/April): Speed and Power Camp 6+ Weeks


Done in Group Settings at the Bullpen Baseball Academy in Russiaville, IN and local outdoor facilities in Kokomo, IN. Prices vary per clinic. CHECK OUT OUR HIGHLIGHT VIDEO TO THE LEFT!


If you're a Baseball Coach at any Level and want a Consultation on Strength Training and how to train your athletes in the off-season. Shoot me an email at and we can set up a coaching consult to discuss goals and educate you on how to prepare your athletes in the weight room during the off-season. This is a Q&A Session and will help you understand the Do's and Don'ts of Program Design for your Baseball Team! If you're interested in hiring me to Train Your Team this Off-Season, we can set that up as well! Players signed up for Team Instruction (4+ Players) are to pay for training in advance and are ran as the same as my speed camps; meaning no makeups or refunds for missed sessions!


$60/Hr - Coach Consult

$200/Hr - Team Training             *EMAIL IF INTERESTED @*

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