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Build Phase December-January Velo Program

  1. THE NUMBER 1 RULE IN OUR PROGRAMS IS LISTEN TO YOU ARM and spend at least 20-30 Minutes every time you throw warming up with bands, mobility, prehab, etc.

  2. Beginning the 2nd or 3rd week of December, you should start lightly throwing 3-4x/week.

  3. Early to Mid-December until the 2nd week of our Velo Program, you will be building up in long toss to an extension only phase. This means you will be throwing at Low to Medium Intensity Long Toss, 3-4x per week for 4-5 weeks (until our 2nd week of velo program) slowly and gradually building up your arm to more aggressive pulldowns in your 5th-6th week of throwing (again, our 2nd week of velo). Even though you will be in an extension only long toss phase (meaning you will be throwing long toss extending out a good distance with nice arcs in your throws), you will still come back to your partner or come down the height of your throws if in a cage at 50-70%. I strongly advise pitchers to work on fastball and changeup grips and feels at the end of every long toss session. If you need to throw long toss inside of a cage, that is fine as well, and exactly what we do in our velo programs. Note, with this program, Bullpens would begin for pitchers in the 5th or 6th week of throwing. IF you are throwing bullpens for you HS, College, or Travel Team, you should have been throwing for at least 4 weeks before doing so. Knowing this, adjust accordingly AND ALWAYS COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR COACH!

  4. When building up in December and throughout the off-season to pre-season, we want you throwing the football 3x per week for 5 minutes before touching a baseball. This is of course, after your 30 min warmup with mobility, bands, prehab, etc. Throwing the football helps develop a healthy arm action and builds up arm strength!

  5. To break it down simply, you will have 2 Medium Intensity (Days 1 and 3 @ 50-80%) Days and 1 Low Effort (30-50% @ Day 2). You can add a 4th low intensity day if you want where you are working on changeups as a pitcher or crow hop mechanics as a position player. I highly recommend doing this as a pitcher.

  6. Our Velo Program will have 1 Max Effort Day of Long Toss and Pulldowns, 1 Low Effort Day of Long Toss and Pulldowns, and 1 Medium Effort Day (Performed on Your Own). Once Mid-Late January hits, you can increase throwing from 3-4x a week to 5-6x a week while listening to your arm.  Remember, if you are extremely sore, listen to your arm, do not throw and perform your mobility, bands, and workout routines. Saying this, you must understand the difference between soreness and pain! These extra days of throwing will likely be low-medium effort days!

  7. Once your arm builds up to throwing 6 days per week, it is vitally important to continue throw at least 6 days per week. We prefer 1 full day of rest (still lifting and doing bands) in build phase, pre-season, and during season. Once you build up to throwing consistently (likely February – March for most athletes pending the age and level of play), you will have 2 Max Effort Days, 2 Medium Effort Days, and 2 Low Effort days every week. Some may prefer 1 Max Effort Day, 3 Medium Effort Days, and 2 Low Effort Days. Remember, that this is a template, and every athlete is different, these are guidelines, but you will notice, the more you throw, the better your arm will feel! You just have to understand intensity and that you must slowly and progressively build your arm up during the building phase of any throwing program. Again, this is a template, listen to your arm and adapt as needed!

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