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Day 3: Programming for Arm Care/Velo Program

  1. To be done on Thursdays or Fridays beginning Week 1 or 2 (Mid-January) of Program pending the athlete’s general physical preparedness. Bullpens for your HS or Travel Team would optimally be on Thursday or Friday. If your Bullpen lies on another day, we can easily adjust the program. These Exercises will make sense after weeks 1 & 2 of Program.

  2. Pre-Warmup Stretches, Band Routine, Mobility Program: (Links ON VELO GUIDELINE PAGE)

    1. Finish w/2 Way Forearm Stretch & Shoulder Smash w/Sleeper Stretch: 1x1 Min EW

  3. Play Catch with Football up to 30-60 Yards for 6-10 minutes

    1. HUGE for mechanics and arm strength/health

    2. Optional but HIGHLY recommended if able; GO AS FAR AS ABLE with Efficiency

  4. MEDIUM-HIGH INTENSITY LONG TOSS (Done before Bullpen IF this is a Bullpen Day)

    1. Stretch it out to where you feel comfortable; High Effort if Feeling Great

    2. Pull down 1-4 Throws Per Distance (Physical Spots if in Cage, Distance if Outside)

    3. Finish Last 5-10 Pulldown Throws at Knees of Partner or Bottom of Net if in Cage. For Pitchers; Work on Changeups in Flat Ground at 70 Feet for x20. Position: Back Hands or Crow Hop x10

  5.  Recovery Workout (Equipment: 2.5-5lbs plates, 2 lbs plyoball, bands, baseball, Body Blade)

    1. Repeat Band Complex x30 EW SS with 6 Position Body Blade Movements (Movements we do as recovery at end of throwing sessions, all players should know these) for x30 Sec EW

    2. Side Lying External Rotation with 2.5-5lbs 1x100 (3 Ways) Use Rest/Pause Method of 15sec.

    3. Reverse PlyoBall Throws into a Wall x30 (2lbs Ball)

    4. Reverse Snow Angels 1x30 SS BW YTWL’s 1x30 sec ISO HOLDS EW

    5. 1x100 Finger Extensions (Squeeze and Extend as hard as poss.)

    6. Sleeper and Shoulder Smash Stretch and 2 Way Forearm Stretch 1x1 Min Each Stretch

  6. Fantastic 10 Mobility and Foam Rolling on OFF DAYS or WHEN SORE (Email Links)

  7. LIFT, LIFT, LIFT AND EAT, EAT, EAT…. Remember, MASS Equals GAS

  8. If You Skip the Recovery Workouts, you will not be able to recover long term (higher risk of injury) in this program and you will quickly fall behind. Long Toss and Recovery Work is MOST IMPORTANT!

  9. Video Breakdown and Important Info: Here

Yearly Program Dates to Know for Future!

*Velo Development Camp Dates: Winter: Jan-March | Summer: Jun-July | Fall: Sept-Oct

*Pitching Mechanics Class Dates: Spring: April-May | Winter: Nov-December

*All Pitching Programs & Lessons are ran in this format year round with ALL LT INSTRUCTORS!

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